December 1, 2020

News Release Re: Purchase of Public Records

Posted September 7, 2002


Clerk Sandra Brown is advising Glades County residents to be wary of official-looking notices they receive in the mail, telling them they need to purchase a copy of the deed for their property.

These notices, sent by “Local Records Office,” tell recipients that they can receive a copy of their property deed and a “complete property profile” by sending various amounts ranging from $95.00 to $119.85 to an address in Tallahassee, Florida or Great Neck, New York. The notices also include a coupon that people can detach and mail back with their checks.

Deeds and other official records are easily obtained online or at the Courthouse from the Clerk’s office. Hard copies cost $1.00 a page, and certified documents cost an additional $2.00. Uncertified copies may be downloaded and printed for free by using the Official Records search on the Clerk’s website,

These type solicitations may be legal, but they are misleading. Clerk Brown said, “We have received numerous calls this past week from residents who have received these notices and want to know what they should do. We want to remind everyone that this information is available online and at the Glades County Courthouse. There is no need to pay that amount of money to get public records.”

As the County Recorder and custodian of legal records, the Clerk maintains and ensures the integrity of the Official Records of Glades County dating back to 1921. For more information on receiving copies of public records, contact the Glades County Recording Department at 863-946-6010.